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I'm Andrew, formally educated in physics, but very interested in electronic circuit design, computer programming - particularly 3D graphics and signal/image-processing - and many technical subjects. I also enjoy photography, cycling and hill walking. At university I regularly acted as projectionist for the Film Society's weekly 35mm screening. For 7 years following my PhD I was employed in the Research division of a major consumer-electronics company where I worked on display-related technologies, including polymer LED flat panel displays [forseen applications include televisions, mobile phones, PDAs, laptop computers, etc.]. Partly as a result of that work, I'd been inspired to learn more about colour perception and related aspects of digital imaging. For the past three and a half years I've worked for a science and technology consultancy in Cambridge, on an extremely diverse range of projects spanning medical devices and diagnostic equipment to aircraft parts and washing machines. The variety keeps me on my toes, and I enjoy applying tricks from physics and signal-processing to solve practical problems of commercial value.

The techmind.org website is a collection of articles I've written about various projects of mine, some formal and complete, others remain work-in-progress.

Back in 1994-95, while an undergraduate, I did a lot of development work on single-image autostereograms - the clever 3D pictures, and my early images and musings forged my original web presence, at University College London. From then on the site slowly but steadily grew, with the addition of pages on electronics, computer-interfacing, and other topics. After completing my PhD - and leaving UCL - in 2001, I needed a new host for my site, and so 'techmind.org' was born. Though refreshed and slightly reordered, techmind.org retains most of the content and spirit of the earlier site.

Slightly newer additions include pages on LCD monitor technology, (applied) Colour Science and a section on my technical investigation of new digital photographic printing services.

I hope you find the information I have provided useful, and that you might be inspired by my enthusiasm.

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Since 2004, the techmind.org site has carried Google AdSense advertisements. The revenue covers the costs of hosting and maintaining the website. I hope you don't find these adverts obtrusive or distracting. Occasionally I run sponsored links at my discretion; these will always be clearly labelled, and I do not allow any advertiser to bias my editorial stance!

Contacting me

I put my email address at the foot of each of my web pages, and I aim to reply to most correspondence. Unfortunately spam email is a major problem; in August 2007 spam was hitting my inbox at a rate approaching 200 junk emails per day (that's one every 7½ minutes on average, 24/7). The only way I can possibly cope with this is to have some very aggressive filters set up. Regrettably, on rare occasions, legitimate mail does not get through. If you don't get a reply, try re-sending your mail as "plain text" (NOT html), with no attached or embedded images.

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